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Hey everybody.

Welcome Aboard Tsalagi Central....this is just alittle website I put together in my spare time. Nothing much here, except a few writings and pictures. Hope you enjoy....

A little about myself - my name is JR, I am currently 17 years old, and I am a mixed blood cherokee (tsalagi) man. I live in California, but hope to move to Oregon one day soon.  

Also....I have just updated my always super-cool PHOTOS

And of is my not-so-latest updated webpage: YUCK! MY ADVENTURES IN FLU LAND

And you'll wanna check out My Artwork

Oh yea, while youre here, listen to some cool tunes on AMERICAN INDIAN RADIO

Now here's somthing that would be cool:
From what I understand, Canada has a "native day" once a year, but I'm not sure if its a "true" holiday.

Other webpages on my website:

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