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    Ladies and gentlemen, flu season has offically arrived. About three nights ago I woke up feeling like someone was stabbing a icepick into my sinuses. Naturally, I assumed I was being attacked by a serial killer. Thankfully, it was only trillions of bacteria eating away at the mucus in my head. Yum.
    Its about three days later, and I am still feeling like a walking bag of disease. Several times over the past three days I took alot of "NyQuill", which I really enjoyed - it made me feel a whole lot better, and even alittle happier, so I drank alot of it, until I discovered that NyQuil contains about the same amount of Alcohol as Vodka. Whoops!
    Then I made another geneus discovery: most night time medicines contain 10 to 15 percent alcohol. So I figuered if I don't want to end up like my grandma I better stop taking this stuff.
    So here I am. Three days later and no medication to ease the pain. My sinues are still pounding, my glands are about the size of golfballs, and I have 0 energy. My diagnosis: Flu Season has offically begun.
    So I bet youre wondering how to stay out of the nasty situation? Well according to the government, most of the people who read this website will already have the flu as already. But if you don't, count yourself blessed.
    The best way to catch something, flu or otherwise, is to rub your eyes with your hands. Your hands are teeming with bacteria and other goodies. So keep your eyes out of yer hands (or the other way around i guess). Also, stay away from Night time meds, unless youre not worried about being an alcoholic. Thirdly, lock yourself in a tiny box and hide in a cave somewhere. Because thats about the only sure way to not get sick this year.
I'm not a doctor, but that makes sense to me!

In the meantime, have a safe and healthy year....