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My Stories

you want me to write something nice. i'd like to. i really would.
i'd like to write things that make people happy and they would
laugh and clap and be happy. i'd like to make people happy. i really would.
that would be so see people laughing and playing and having fun.
that would be nice just to watch.....just to see......

i'd like to write something that makes you happy. i'd like to write beautiful things...nice things....

but im sorry. i just dont feel like writing no beautiful story.

when i see people who hate me and scorn me - and kick me in the teeth....i dont wanna write no beautiful story.

when i feel the pain in my venom in my heart.....a sick heart......i dont wanna write nothing beautiful.

a sick heart? is that what i have? how many times have i wanted to be healed......
how many times have i prayed and prayed and prayed asking for healing? i think i'll get healed one day. i really do.

but how many times have people looked at me and asked me whats wrong? nothing i say. nothing wrong....everything ok.....just worries........

then i go back in my room and sleep.....and have bad dreams.....all night long.....and then wake up and have people kick me in the teeth again. and then the day starts all over again.

so im sorry. im sorry i cant write no pretty story.

maybe you can write a pretty story for me? maybe you can be happy and nice? i sure hope so.....

go out there and be happy, ok? have fun. and be nice. thats a good way.

it would sure make me happy to see people just like you being nice and good. that would make me really happy......

then maybe i could write a pretty story?