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Trail Where They Cried
There is nothing i can say about this. there are not enough words in the English language to say what I feel.

some things cant be spoken in the way I feel about the Trail Where They Cried.

because its the way i feel. i hear the stats all the many people many marched....etc....

but nothing you read in a book can ever prepare you for the truth. nothing can prepare you for the feelings - the hate - the anger - the endless pain.

nothing can prepare you for the look on the white man's faces as they force you out of your home and march you into a concentration camp. nothing can prepare you for the way they spit at you and curse you.

nothing can prepare you for the feeling of watching your brother or sister or son or daughter die of a terrible disease, and not be able to bury them until tommorow. nothing can prepare you for carrying their body a whole day until you rest long enough to give their body a decent burial. can you imagine how it would feel to carry your sister's body for a whole day? thats how it would feel. thats how we feel.

endless walking. endless marching. so many people dying along the way. people you knew from your childhood....friends, nehibors, many dead and fallen.

and the white man looks on. and he laughs. he laughs at your pain and your greif. and he takes all the land that was once yours and he smiles. he smiles and he hates you.

you want to cry out. you want to scream and yell and revolt against all the injustice. but you also know that you must be strong. you must not let any weakness show. so you keep the tears hidden. deep, deep down. and you never cry. some of the white people see you...and they cry. thats why its called the Trail Where They Cried.

and why did it happen? why did all this happen to us?

greed. money. power. control.

all of the above.

the white man wanted everything from us. land, money, everything. so he took it. its that simple.

no excuses, no hiding. the white man told us he was going to take our land and he did.

he promised he would take our land. and that was the only promise he kept.

now so many years have passed. some of us have moved back into the land that was stolen. some of us live there now. but most of us were scattered on the wind into the four directions.....all across the world. and we are still scattered today.

now we seek the strength to forgive the white man for what he did to us.

i do not have the strength to do that. thankfully, the Creator does. through his son, Jesus Christ, the Creator is giving us the Do'hi (peace, well being, health, harmony) to forgive and giving the white man the wisdom to see what he did was wrong.

i am thankful to the Creator for what He is doing. i am thankful for Him watching over us even while we were being persecuted. i am thankful to Him for providing a way for us and our Ways to survive all these years.

So if you are a Tsalagi, remember the pain and suffering that your familiy went through. and realize that you are a descendent of someone who survived. and Thank the Creator for blessing us with the will to survive even though the white man wanted to destroy us. and ask the Creator for the strength to forgive.....if we ask, He will give. He promises.

so these are some of my feelings. just a few....put into English words...the best way i know how. im sorry if this isnt good enough.....but the words dont do it fully understand, to comprehend, you need to LIVE THE TRAIL. all Tsalagi do. for is a "Trail Of Tears".....until the end.....when we weep tears of joy and see our Creator again......