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Spiritual Healing
Webmasters note: I did not write this. it was written by a good friend of mine.

I've just (quickly) read the article on drugs and vaccines. Briefly and I don't mean to be simplistic ....but many are in trouble because it is a spiritual problem.  Many of our First Nations People have been coerced into assimilation when the attempt at total annihilation did not work........ thanks be to the Creator.......But, during the process of a diabolical "empire" in the United States agains First Nations, many of our People lost their spirit and the relationship with The Spirit .... God ot the Creator. This drug and addictive problem is essentially a spiritual issue.  There is a false notion that every problem can be solved with a vaccine or pil. Sure, the Creator gave us His medicines on this Earth. But, the deeper issues are spiritual and solved spiritually.  We see a need to return to true Native Spirituality ... reliance on the Creator and  His gifts. To seek life that is not found in a bottle, pil, tv, or any entertainment. To be in good harmony with the Creator and His creation ........  Yet, as followers of Y'Shua (Jesus of Nazareth) we see that He resolves the deeper issues of who we are .......... why are are here......... how we relate to Him and how that relationship impacts our social relationships.  One Elder Tsalagi made the comment that the Tsalagi have lost their harmony and community unity because the Town Houses have been outlawed and destroyed .......the same might be said of our other Nations. Return to the True Spirituality revealed to the People.........and this can be done when we return to the Creator by accepting the Gift of Y'Shua .... Jesus. In so doing, this does not contradict the True Revealed Spirituality of our First Nations. He fulfills them.  Young people have lost their way into the drug world because they are looking for "something" rather than Someone  ........So ..... when there is a return to the order of things revealed in the family ..... extended family ....... there will be a return to harmony and balance.  The "government" should not and, indeed, cannot solve our problems. The 'government' should not be the "controler" .......... as it is going in that direction today......"government" and "government programs" are not the answer.... "government" is to serve the people ........not control the People..  Just a few thoughts.........  tsa'ni