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Bad Dreams
I need help. I havent had a good dream in over a year. Can you help me?

Everynight is a trial, and an execution. I cant explain it anymore.....nightmares....terrible nightmares, every single night. i wont go into gory details about what the dreams are about.....but take my word for it, they are bad.

murder, death, sickness. everything and i under attack? is this a spiritual problem? i tend to think that it is.....

the Creator is the giver of good dreams, and I accepted him into my heart through his Son, Jesus why does that make me have bad dreams? why am i not blessed with good dreams like other natives and Christians? what is wrong with me? is it something i did?

if you can help me, please let me know. there is another way you can help me.....

please, pray for me.

i also pray that you have more Do'hi (peace) in your dreams than I do.

Wa'do oganallii