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Skin Deep
"But you dont look Indian"

How many times have I heard that? How many times has that sentence made me feel so inferior, so useless?
It seems I have everything stacked against me. My mother disowns herself from her Tsalagi heritage, my grandmother and other family members were never offically enrolled in their tribe, and worst of all, I have a light complexion.

And it seems thats all people care about these days.

If I want to attend an Indian college, I must present tribal documents that ''prove'' that I am an "Indian''....otherwise they classify me as ''anglo''.....

When I tell people who I am, and what I am born of, they look at me like im telling them the world's biggest lie.

"But you dont look Indian!" no kidding.

or even worse...accuse me of being a "wannabe"....

ive seen a few wannabes in my life.....more than a few infact. they usually claim native heritage to get good college scolarships and a "trendy" ethnicity.  even tho their hearts and minds never really change....and they are just as ''anglo'' after they are enrolled as before.

but real natives like me get left out. were the ones who dont get chances.....who arent as "pure" as our full force brothers and arent as sneaky as wannabes.

does that make any sense?

I hope so.....I hope someone can change all this.....

With God, all things are possible....